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We caught up with founder Clare of Confident Tiger, a brand with no barriers that celebrate your body!

What led you to create Confident Tiger?

My bra broke during the lockdown and trying to find a new one was an absolute nightmare. Having larger breasts, it’s hard enough to find a bra that’s flattering on me and offers the support I need. But for me, ethics are important too. When I tried to be true to my values by finding a brand with ethical and sustainable practices as well, it was pretty much impossible to find something suitable. I spent hours researching and just kept getting stuck. So, I decided the solution was to create my own.


How is Confident Tiger sustainable?

I believe attractive underwear should not only respect your body but also the environment and the people making them. That’s why our products are made to order in the UK with materials made in Europe and sourcing, working conditions and working practices vetted across our supply chain.


Produced using 90% sustainable and recyclable materials to avoid adding to the world’s microplastics problem, Confident Tiger’s underwear will use recycled yarn, end-of-roll Italian lace, recycled, organic and regenerative cotton, Tencel and bamboo silk. Our made-to-fit ordering system also ensures as little as possible ends up in landfill – because often underwear returns aren’t resold and end up as waste.


How important is it to wear the correct size bra, how often should you get measured?

It’s so important for comfort, breast, shoulder, neck and back health. Wearing the wrong size can not only make you uncomfortable but also can create long-lasting problems if you’re not properly supported. Sore shoulders? Usually, the problem is the band isn’t tight enough – that’s what supports your breasts. The straps shouldn’t be the main support. Measure yourself or get measured at least every six months, when you gain or lose weight or if you are buying from a new brand as sizing is so inconsistent.


Are your pieces made to order? How long will it take for items to arrive?

Yes, they’re made to order. It takes 30 days maximum from ordering to delivery (although we’re currently trialling a monthly drop, so people may not be able to order all through the month).


What do you hope to inspire in others with your pieces?

Body confidence – whether you’re big or small, you should always feel amazing. And having a perfectly fitting bra is the first step to that!


What are your plans for the future of Confident Tiger?

 We hope to be able to offer more colours, more sizes, and more styles to truly suit everybody. We’ve had so much feedback from this initial stage of research, including people who want mastectomy bras, nursing bras and maternity bras, plus bras for those with different sized breasts. We also want people to understand that measuring is so important and that so many places don’t measure properly. Big cups don’t mean big boobs. Big cups means you’re wearing the RIGHT size.