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Image courtesy of Nuw

Clothing swaps have existed forever and ever; why have one wardrobe when you can have ten? Whether that be snatching your sibling’s best jumper or slipping into your friend’s dress for an evening out, we’ve all reaped the benefits of clothes swapping. It avoids damaging the environment even further with an ASOS next day delivery, which you’ve purchased for, and only for, one single event. 

Those of us on Depop, a platform for selling second-hand clothes, will have encountered other users requesting to swap one of your items for one of theirs. Unfortunately, the offer doesn’t feel as appealing when you only have one virtual wardrobe to rummage through. Enter Nuw, a platform founded in 2018 with the purpose of creating a space for online clothes swapping. The app replicates a large-scale clothes swap, where thousands of users can exchange their pre-loved clothes.

Image courtesy of Nuw

How does Nuw work? 

Once you have set up an account with Nuw, you are able to post items onto the platform. Your posts will be vetted within 24 hours and in return, you will receive either a gold or silver token per item. These tokens are the currency on Nuw and they can be exchanged for other items posted onto the platform. Nuw adopted this form of currency to ensure that users do not have to shop directly from other users. Each item costs 99p for swappers and the receiver must also pay for the price of postage.

To find out more about Nuw, visit