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Image courtesy of Above and Beyond.

Let me introduce to you a plastic-free alternative lip balm, created by Above and Beyond to keep both your lips and the environment happy. Their mission is to create a ‘life-time use, refillable universe’ in every house, starting with lip balm.

All of A&B’s refill pods are made from 100% bio-based material (completely natural ingredients). The main components of their refill pods are wood and plant-based binders – the wood being from the wood industry’s processing side streams. All of the refill materials the brand use are made from sustainably sourced, GMO-free raw materials that are all food contact approved (in accordance with EU standards).

Image courtesy of Above and Beyond.

They believe that making the swap to life-time use and refillable products puts an immediate end to a lot of plastic waste. You receive 1 aluminium reusable case, plus the lip balm itself comes in reusable pods, with each refill containing 8.2g of product, which should last anywhere between 4-6 weeks with daily use.

The lip balms are just as smooth and hydrating as any other lip balm on the market, expertly demonstrating that eco-friendly and sustainable beauty does not have to be a compromise. A perfect, easy plastic-free swap!

To shop and find out more, visit