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Photo courtesy Primark.

Photo courtesy Primark.

Primark, the global and famed fast-fashion retailer based in Ireland, has worked extensively over the last few years to push its sustainable ‘Primark Cares’ collection—which most recently, worked to introduce skinny jeans that were developed in collaboration with material innovators Unifi, Inc and its REPREVE Our Ocean® fiber.


The REPREVE Our Ocean fiber is made by the global textile solutions provider, Unifi, Inc, which is one of the world’s leading innovators in creating and harnessing synthetic and recycled performance fibers. REPREVE Our Ocean’s work, particularly within this collection, focuses on the collection of bottles and other waste that’s found within 50km of coastlines. And from there, bottles are then ground up and melted into pellets before being spun into a durable and innovative polyester fiber. 

In its final stage, the REPREVE Our Ocean jeans are made using 33% REPREVE Our Ocean® polyester, which is then blended with 58% cotton, 7% viscose, and 2% elastane to create a more comfortable stretch and overall fit.


Primark has a reputation for offering sustainable designs and fabrics at an inexpensive price—and the REPREVE Our Ocean jeans, in particular, are no different as they cost only 15 pounds per pair, even with the product’s environmentally-friendly make. 


The jeans are not only constructed from a special recycled fabric made up primarily from plastic bottles that have been gathered from land within 50 kilometers of the coast, but they also aim to address and deflect what’s regarded as one of the most significant sources of plastic pollution in our world’s seas. 


The recycled bottles are then crushed and melted into pellets, and are later spun into the revolutionary polyester fiber. The fitting jeans boast a flattering high waist shape with a let-down hem and at least in the UK, are available throughout the country in sizes ranging from 4-20 in the two classic color washes, light and mid-blue.


Lynne Walker, Director of Primark Cares, said for their latest denim launch, they are ecstatic to cooperate with REPREVE, as the company is regarded as a trustworthy and well-known brand within the global fashion industry. They understand that collaborating with new partners to boost their usage of innovative recycled materials is critical to expanding the range of fashion and goods available under the Primark Cares label. Lynne added this is all part of their mission to assist their clients in making more sustainable choices at a reasonable cost. Primark Cares will be releasing a lot more in the coming months.


REPREVE’s collaboration with Primark’s ‘The Primark Cares’ label, includes a wide selection of goods produced from recycled fibers or more environmentally sourced materials, has now released a new collection called Our Ocean. In May, the fast-fashion retailer partnered with Recover to produce a sustainable leisurewear capsule collection.

Primark now has approximately 390 shops in 13 countries, covering over 16.5 million square feet of retail space, including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, the United States, Italy, Slovenia, and Poland.

For more information on the Primark x REPREVE Our Ocean collaboration, visit