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In a capsule wardrobe, the goal is to ensure the same garments are suitable throughout the year, no matter the occasion. For many, the capsule grows larger against the struggle of owning clothes appropriate for all activities. This is where reversible design comes into play; garments offer a two-in-one experience. When clothes are multifunctional by nature, customers are given more freedom within their wardrobe. 

Ancient shepherds used to wear reversible clothing and would switch the garment depending on whether it was cold or hot. One side would consist of fluffier, warmer material, which would be essential during the winter months. This way, garments would be suitable throughout the year and no clothing was going to waste. Nowadays, we may not wear exactly the same garments in the freezing evenings and the sizzling hot days. However, the concept of reversible clothing can be applied to ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ looks. On one side, you could have a black evening dress, and when you turn it inside out, you have a floral day dress. 

Image courtesy of Light of the Word Ministry

Reversible clothing is available from a range of vibrant fashion brands. Twee In One, an Indian based company, believes that “less is more”, as each item provides two completely different looks. Teran Conde Paris is another reversible clothing fashion label, although this time, there is a custom made option. Customers are able to choose their favourite fabrics to be made on each side of the reversible item, to ensure that you get maximum use out of the piece.

Image courtesy of Teran Conde Paris