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Our climate is in crisis and we must change the way we live so that we can save it. Knowing how to make a start on a more sustainable lifestyle can feel overwhelming and daunting. We have come up with a list of adjustments you can make in your everyday life to help you on your sustainable journey. 

Are you doing enough? If you have already ditched single-use plastics and want to know what to do next, here are our five sustainable tips inspired by


Change your diet

Nearly a third of total global emissions are from the food system, which means our current eating habits are just not sustainable. Changing the way, we eat and what we eat can help our environment.

Try out a mostly plant-based diet, replace meat and dairy with plant-based alternatives, which are lower in overall emissions. This could mean trying plant-based through the week and only eating meat and dairy on the weekend, great for your gut and the environment.

Don’t waste food! Shopping with a list in small batches and more often will allow you to only buy what you need and prevent waste. Try composting too with your uneaten fruit and veg and remember to make full use out of the freezer.


Holiday Locally

As a result of the pandemic, plane pollution went down by almost a third during the lockdown. The key is to find out how to balance the carbon budget to ensure there’s enough to go around. Trying the staycation, explore somewhere new try taking a train or a ferry, and make it a part of the adventure. Alternatively, take short-haul flights and try to avoid long-haul.


Economise your wardrobe

Some of the highest greenhouse gas emissions come from the clothing and textiles industry. We must adjust how we are consuming before it’s too late. A vast number of rental services have popped up over the last few years, where you can rent luxury clothes, accessories, and shoes. Take a look at and

Shop smart, buy essential items that can be interchangeable with pieces you already have in the closet, allowing you to create more looks for less. Also try vintage shopping, upcycling, alterations, and clothes swaps.


Go electric

From 2030 the UK government have announced that petrol and diesel cars will be banned from the UK, so change is on the horizon. Look into switching to an electric or hybrid car. Alternatively, you could take public transport or share travel. 


Switch your energy

A great start to living more sustainably is switching your energy provider for a green supplier. Collectively these can have a big impact on our environment.