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Tender. Delicate. Eternal. The Madrid based brand creates timeless wardrobe staples that every woman needs. “For those who yearn for simple, timeless elegance mixed with high quality, to reflect their inner self.” Combining clean and simple silhouettes with impeccable yet comfortable materials. 

The high-quality pieces are handmade in responsible production in Spain using Oeko-Tex® certified fabrics. Everything—from growing textile fibers to make the fabric, dyeing, manufacturing, packaging, to even recycling the clothes—is sustainably made.

Shash prides itself on never compromising when it comes to choosing the right fabrics to convey its vision. Using sustainable materials and rescued deadstock fabrics are all part of their goal to promote more sustainable options. The goal is to lead by example and hopefully inspire others. 

The creative team behind Shash are passionate individuals who strive for perfection. In order to ensure high quality, every piece is an ”all-hands” process where they pay special attention to every detail, and time spent on making a piece is never an issue. The brand is dedicated to its sustainable practices – “We put sustainability at the core of everything we do. The whole equation follows the lifecycle of clothes, everything from growing textile fibres to make the fabric, dyeing, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and garment care, to even recycling the clothes when you’re done with them.” Educating their customers and audience as they go “The future of our planet lies in the knowledge we have and how we decide to use it. That is why we work so hard to increase consumer awareness of sustainable fashion and make our consumers more conscious and environmentally responsible.”