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FEB Issue 003  UPDATED -studio-clandest.jpg



Inventive spirit, artisanal know-how, and the plasticity of contemporary art are what creates clothing brand STUDIO CLANDESTIN. Their pieces are innovative, timeless concepts, combining styling with the arts.

Looking at STUDIO CLANDESTINs latest collection you can see it has been heavily influenced by founder Jonathan Canuti’s youth. Growing us in the middle of Vallauris around lots of greenhouses that form a shelter for the most beautiful flowers of the Azurean region. The essence of the collection takes inspiration from Jonathan’s childhood hero’s; Ceramists from Vallauris, sculptors, and painters from Saint-Paul de Vence, glassblowers from Biot, and carnival riders from Nice. He is able to draw out the beauty and goodness from everyday life.

STUDIO CLANDESTIN is more than just a brand, it is an identity, a concept combining the loves of Jonathan’s life including the enhancement of the ‘craftsmanship, the mixture of noble and industrial materials, and the endless reinvention of basic pieces. Through his deconstruction work, he up-cycles pieces already made by the industry to turn them into something truly unique. Their concept is for future collections to highlight other artists, as well as collaborations with contemporary artists from various backgrounds.

Alongside STUDIO CLANDESTINs online store they have an exciting service: THE CLANDESTIN LABORATORY. The “Lab” will off customers a detailed sheet of the raw material necessary for the production of the original parts of garments from The Shop. Everyone is free to explore the intricacies of their closet or to go hunting for treasures and send them to Jonathan who will transform them. This clever idea allows customers to have a new lease of life to their basics and a significant reduction on their order. An up-cycling dream that allows STUDIO CLANDESTIN to promote a zero-waste fashion economy.