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In a world seemingly flooded with fast fashion, the entertainment industry can easily fall prey to the lure of using cheap, environmentally damaging brands spinning fast turnarounds of cheaply produced clothing. With tight deadlines, and a constant flock of new outfits required for onscreen appearances, this preference, albeit short-sighted, is understandable.

However, there are some strong, eco-friendly brands who are managing to push their ways onto our screens, and making a formidable, and fashionable, case, for the use of sustainable fashion in onscreen wardrobes.

 Gabriela Hearst

Launching in 2015, Gabriela Hearst is a brand with two clear aims: long term wear, and sustainability. Her clean-cut, traditional pieces showcase her focus on attention to detail, and the belief that, taking the time and care needed to produce high quality and sustainable clothing, can pay off with sleek results.

Due to this inherent professionalism, her brand has become a firm favourite for talk show hosts wardrobes. Drew Barrymore, the host of The Drew Barrymore Show, is frequently seen wearing the brands pieces, from their wide legged belted pants, along with the coordinating vests, to their flowing blouses, and even this statement colourful shawl.

Image courtesy of WornOnTv

Mara Hoffman

 Founded in 2000, it wasn’t actually until 2015 that Mara Hoffman as a brand committed itself to the goal of sustainability. The brand has since showcased a strong belief in paying great attention to the processes and ways in which its clothing is produced, and the belief in transparency regarding the manufacturing and sourcing of its garments, to ensure accountability with its customers.

Likewise, the brand holds its audience accountable by maintaining a challenge to their buyers, to be mindful in their purchasing habits.

The brands influence on its market is evident in the wardrobe choices seen on a range of news and talk shows, such as The Today Show. On the show, hosts and guests alike are often seen wearing the brands vibrant and fun garments. One such piece, a bright green midi dress, was so popular, its been worn by both a host of the show Jenna Bush (left), frequently seen in the brands latest collections, as well as a guest on the show, Lori Bergamotto (right).

Image courtesy of WornOnTv

Tanya Taylor

Created in 2012, Tanya Taylor has made a name for itself as a brand seeking to make an impact on the world around it. Boosting all sizes to encourage body positivity and inclusivity, utilising vibrancy and bold styles to harness creativity through fashion, and pushing for a sustainable manner in which its clothing is created. To do this, the brand focuses on using recycled fabric from its previous collections when creating its next, as well as using biodegradable materials for its packaging.

Its artistic statement garments have made their way to the characters wardrobes of several fashion forward TV dramas, including Dynasty and The Bold Type. Here, it’s youthful, feminine pieces add a touch of glamour to the formidable female leads of the shows, and create striking looks bound to grab the attention of viewers.

Image courtesy of WornOnTv

Isabel Marant

 Since its creation in 1994, Isabel Marant has shown it is a brand that has believed in using pioneering methodology, of both thought and action, in the creation of its pieces. Putting careful consideration into continuous improvement at the forefront of their practises, the brand did a complete overhaul of its code of conduct in 2019, seeking to ensure it was keeping up with the industry’s developments in sustainable fashion production, and create clear communication of these policies.

Alongside these solid core values, the brand has never held back on its statement garments, displaying fun prints and patterns throughout its portfolio of blouses and dresses.

Her striking printed pieces have become regular choices for talk show hosts such as Kelly Ripa, one of the two titular co-hosts of LIVE with Kelly and Ryan. Often opting for both her floral, and shaped patterned pieces, Kelly showcases the brands flair for flattering long length dresses on the show.

Image courtesy of WornOnTv

 Across a variety of genres, and audiences, sustainable brands have been making an impact on our screens. Showing that eco-friendly does that mean boring, bland clothing, and that dressing in a sustainable brand can be done without taking away from the shows fashion credibility. In actuality, some of these sustainable brands have showcased how they intend to stay at the forefront of trends, leading the way for style icons to influence the fashion market, with their out-there designs.