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Founded by fitness entrepreneur Grace Beverley in 2018, with the aim to create sustainable styles without compromise, TALA has taken on the fashion industry by storm. With the brand expected to be worth almost $547 billion by 2024, it’s clear that they’re on a mission to change the way that consumers look at the fast fashion industry.

The brand was initially conceptualized to fill a gap in the market for sustainable activewear that was flattering, high quality, stylish, sustainable  and most importantly, affordable. The world of sustainable fashion can be pricey due to the  high quality raw materials, ethical supply chains and recycling expenses. These are all important and positive steps in the process and encourage consumers to buy less but higher quality items.  However, TALA wanted to be able to provide your everyday working girl with her everyday needs, without taking a toll on their bank account and they do this, with their bestselling items starting at just £28.


When talking about the latest drop the ‘365’ collection, Grace Beverley said “the vision was to create wardrobe staples that you didn’t need to take out a small loan to be able to afford or that are going to fall apart after a few washes.” The 365 collection was their first entirely everyday clothing collection, stepping away from activewear, and it was a huge hit with their customers. The entire collection is created from 95% TENCEL® Modal sustainably derived from naturally grown beech wood with double the amount of the softness of cotton. These features mean your clothes continue to look brand new, wear after wear, wash after wash.

But TALA doesn’t stop there with their innovative materials and designs for its timeless pieces. To create a variety of style options for everyone, they use a number of different sustainable fabrics in their clothes, another being  LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose. Viscose is a semi-synthetic fibre made from trees and the third most commonly used textile in the entire world! More than 150 million trees each year are to be turned into cellulosic fabric and so TALA only uses sustainably sourced wood pulp with maximum supply chain transparency.  The manufacturing of these fibres that TALA uses, generates up to 50% lower  emissions and water impact compared to the more commonly used generic Viscose.

 As well as this, TALA uses Bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the world that uses 10% the amount of cotton. As well as Lyocell, an environmentally friendly fibre made from wood pulp that is also great for people with sensitive skin. There are many more sustainable sources to name, that TALA have carefully chosen to create their ethical activewear, all candidly listed on their website.

It’s clear that this brand is transparent at every stage of production, from the factories to the packaging and production of its products, they have ensured each step is as good for our planet as possible. Unlike most fast fashion houses, TALA recognise their responsibility to those involved in the production of their garments and care deeply about the ethics of their supply chain.  The brand has factories in Portugal, Italy, Vietnam, Turkey and China. Each factory  meets the necessary requirements, covering source materials, manufacturing quality, labour, and working conditions such as ensuring there is no child labour and that fair wages are paid to the teams creating these products.

Their Vietnamese factory in particular, is powered by solar panels that produce more energy than the factory even needs  to operate, so all excess energy is supplied to the Vietnamese government. It’s apparent that TALA deeply cares not just about who buys their clothes but how they’re made, and the people that make them. 

So we know TALA are huge on sustainability, but are the clothes any good? The answer is yes. Building off of the high consumption of ‘basics’ inspired clothing, conceptualized by  the Kardashians, which was then amplified through ‘Skims’ and later on duped by Zara as ‘Zara basics’ collection, TALA have hit the nail on the head when it comes to great quality basics for your wardrobe. All of their clothes are form fitting, for all shapes and sizes. Their ‘core seamless’ collection is activewear at the top of its game, made to sculpt the body and support your body during workouts. This collection, along with all others, is made for all shapes and sizes to enhance your features and sculpt your shape so that when you wear them to help you feel confident and comfortable however you work out. These clothes are made to fit like a glove! Their best-selling collection ‘skinluxe’ is no exception to high quality, form fitting and comfortable workout wear. This collection is made up of activewear that is lightweight, and in their own words ‘buttery soft’, it’s no wonder why it’s a bestseller!

In the wake of scandals highlighting supplier faults, at huge fast fashion retailers such as Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing in the past few years,  young consumers are increasingly interested in where their clothes are sourced. Grace Beverley has created a brand for that younger audience, where they don’t have to compromise on quality and style. It’s clear from their production, marketing and designs that TALA will have longevity in the sustainable fashion industry and hopefully continue to break down those barriers for those brands yet to come.



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