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Teran Conde Paris is a one-woman fashion brand based in Paris. Its slogan, “Reveir a l’essential, il est l’heure de changer”, means back to the essential, it’s time to change. Esperanza Teran Conde, the founder, set up her company with one objective: to change the fashion system with made to order clothes. 

The Parisian brand is special in the way that it sources fabrics. Esperanza searches for recycled or dead stock fabrics, which makes every piece unique. When customers reach out to her, there is a back-and-forth conversation about what fabrics or colours are desired before she sources them. This kind of consultation ensures that the customer is completely happy with the item, its look and feel, before it is even made. The pieces are slowly made with care, so they can last a lifetime. 

Esperanza creates items that are multifunctional, for all different occasions. The beautiful blazer below, made with blue silk and wool lame the reversible side, is designed to suit the day and the night. After a working day at the office wearing the wool lame, customers can switch to the striking blue silk. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Esperanza and discussing dead stock fabrics, reversible clothing and slow fashion with her further. 

What does sustainability mean to you? 

“For me to be sustainable is to try to conserve the products, in this case fashion, that we use in a daily basis, into the very long term. We are also responsible in the fashion industry in the way that we consume. We have to ask ourselves, ‘what are the composition of these fabrics? What is its trace?’ To be sustainable in the fashion industry, also, is to support artists. The new designers that are coming are trying to make things different. Now, anyone that is trying to create a new brand has to be sustainable. For me, shopping locally with new designers is an important part of being sustainable.” 

To find out more about Teran Conde Paris and its unique pieces, visit