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Since the start of lockdown 2020, Tik Tok has become the go-to place for fashion influencers, a quick and easy way to spread the latest trends and awareness on brands. While there are many individuals on Tik Tok that are fashion influencers that take part in trends and sharing shopping hauls, we are going to be looking at the accounts that show us a deeper look into fashion ethics, sustainability and where to shop alternatively.


Andrea Cheong

To start us off is @andreacheong_. Andrea Cheong is an English fashion influencer that creates videos to share more knowledge on clothing; sharing what sustainable brands we should be buying from, reviewing new collections, and analysing materials that brands use. She looks at popular brands like Zara, Mango, H&M, Weekday and more. In most of her videos she will look at items from these brands and explain the details of items and techniques used to make them, looking at labels and whether these materials are sustainable or inexpensive; in one video she shared looked at some clothing from Zara, sharing that a silk shirt has been made mostly containing viscose, a fibre that Zara uses often in the clothing which is prone to ‘snagging’ and loose threads. It’s also not sustainable, it uses toxic chemicals in its production and is unsustainable as it has led to large amounts of deforestation and loss of habitats.

Image courtesy of @andreachong_ Instagram page

Niha Elety

Our next creator is @nihaelety. Niha is an advocate for sustainable fashion, also owning her own fashion brand and blog. Niha regularly posts on her Tik Tok account and aside from fashion and sustainability she discusses current topics like environmental injustice among pacific islanders, climate change and recent issues in the labour for clothing. Recently posting a Tik Tok on forced labour, Niha keeps us informed on the important issues that are not always addressed in mainstream news. Niha has also shared creative ways to regenerate clothing on such as ‘botanical flower printing’ where you can style your own clothing using flowers as a natural dye, pressing any flower of your choice to produce your own pigment and pattern. She has also shared her thoughts on repairing old clothes instead of buying new items, these are ways in which you can reduce waste and lessen your own carbon footprint.

Image courtesy of

Amalfi Swim

The third account is @amalfiswIim. This account is owned by 20-year-old Sophia, a college student and entrepreneur for her own clothing brand. Amalfi Swim is a swimwear brand with items all handmade using all recycled materials from fabric scraps. One of her first viral videos was sharing her process of making one of her zero waste bikini, which has currently racked up an astonishing 11.4 million views. Amalfi has stylish and creative swimwear, recreating current trends in a sustainable fashion. This account posts regularly and is a must-follow for those looking for zero waste and stylish brands.

Image courtesy of

Shaina Munro

The next Tik Tok content creator is sustainable fashion enthusiast @shainamunro. Shaina shares useful information on how to know if a brand is actually sustainable, her favourite sustainable brands, and brands to shop from instead of fast fashion companies. She also provides inclusivity, by providing information on sustainable brands for plus-sizes. Alongside this usual style of posts, Shaina also discusses current issues the study that showed 80% of people had microplastics in their blood. If you want to stay up to speed on these topics of interest, then Shaina is the creator to follow.

Image courtesy of @shainamunro Instagram page

Madeleine White


The final must-follow Tik Tok account is @madeleinecwhite. Madeleine is another influencer that shares thrift and clothing hauls, ‘get ready with me’ videos, while also providing lifestyle and vlogs. Madeleine frequently attempts to upcycle her old clothing by regenerating them to fit her current style. One video she created was a get ready with me using her childhood closet, she paired pieces together and cut up on old turtleneck dress into a skirt and cardigan, making an impressive and stylish outfit altogether. Following Madeleine White will inspire you to invest more attention and to get creative with the clothes you already own rather than repeatedly buying more.

Image courtesy of @madeleinecwhite Instagram page

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