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Image courtesy of Clean Reserve.

In today’s society of throwaway culture and fast fashion, it’s more important than ever to consider your choice of fragrance. In terms of packaging, perfume already had the upper-hand compared to its cosmetic and skincare counterparts. But do we really know what goes into our favourite fragrances or how they’re made?

Read on as we dive into our top 5 eco-friendly perfumes for men and women, so you can be sure to buy a perfume that is kind to people, animals and the planet.

Image courtesy of Cult Beauty.

1. Clean Reserve

Created with responsibly sourced ingredients, eco-conscious manufacturing and packaging. The culmination of a unique, creative collaboration with three of the world’s top fragrance houses chosen because of their commitment to sustainability and philanthropy. All of Clean Reserve’s fragrances are certified cruelty-free and vegan, and every bottle is made from recyclable glass. Additionally, all of the caps are made from sustainable wood from Spain. The perfumes come in recyclable boxes (FSC-certified) with compostable plant-based cellophane.

Buy from Space NK.

Image courtesy of Sana Jardin.

2. Sana Jardin

Sana Jardin is a socially conscious, luxury fragrance house whose mission is to use clean and sustainable perfume as a drive for social good. Every one of their fragrances feature one or more organic floral ingredients grown by Les Aromes du Maroc, and hand-picked by the female harvesters involved in their Beyond Sustainability Movement. The flower waste is then up-cycled into flower water and candles, and training is provided to support micro-businesses within the community. All of their scents are housed in bottles that are made form 30% recycled materials, and the company offers a perfume bottle recycling program.

Buy from Cult Beauty.

Image courtesy of Look Fantastic.

3. Floral Street

Floral Street are an independent British company with a strong set of values and ethics. From seed to scent they know where everything comes from. They offer a wide range of scents including a collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum called ‘Sunflower Pop’ and their ‘Electric Rhubarb’ collection supports the work of the RHS. Each bottle is refillable and made from recyclable glass, and you receive 20% off when you refill at their London store. An industry first, Floral Street’s perfumes come in recyclable and biodegradable pulp cartons with a reusable coloured band.

Buy from Floral Street.

Image courtesy of Wearth London.

4. Elementary Scents

Made in England, Elementary Scent’s unisex perfumes have the highest concentration of pure natural and botanical oils. You can choose to purchase your first bottle with an atomiser and reuse it when you need to replace the bottle. All of Elementary’s perfumes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. As well as this, the outer packaging is made of recyclable cardboard.

Buy from Wearth.

Image courtesy of LUSH.


LUSH pride themselves on their vegan and cruelty-free credentials. All of their perfumes contain ethically sourced essential oils and ingredients with safe synthetics, and come in both alcohol-based or solid perfume. Each of their fragrances come in glass bottles that are recyclable, with a recyclable tin cap and atomiser.

Buy from LUSH.