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Summer is here; it’s the season where fast fashion brands shove new bikinis, sales and holiday clothes down our throats. Even as someone who only buys second hand clothes, and feels educated about fast fashion, the trends can feel tempting. Here are some of my top tips for dodging the trends and leading a more conscious lifestyle:

Analyse your style.

Something that I have only done in recent months, is analyse my style. I looked through my favourite garments and asked myself, what types of clothes do I like to wear? For some people, that may be pastel colours, or for others it may be monochrome outfits. I realised that I like unique patterns, baggy trousers, fitted tops and lots of bright colours. So now when I see an item on display, I can recognise whether it matches my authentic style, or whether I am just being drawn in my a current fashion trend.

Take your time.

It’s incredible how technology has allowed us to purchase with so much ease, a tap and a click and your package is on it’s way. But, when it comes to being more eco-conscious, there’s a beauty in taking your time. You may see an item that you really want and feel like you have to buy it there and then. But, if you take some time, to think about whether the item would match your other clothes and how often you would wear it, then you can make a more informed decision. It will mean that you don’t have piles of barely worn clothes taking up your wardrobe, as every piece has it’s place.

Image courtesy of Insider

Research the brand.

I wish we could always trusts brands with the claims that they make about how sustainable they are. But, in reality, sustainability is a current trend that many fashion brands want to hop on. It’s important to research the brand to see whether they are as eco-friendly as they claim to be. A good way to do this is look at the Good on You app, which gives brands a five star rating for how they treat animals, the planet and people.

Buy second hand.

Once you have done all of the above and decide that you would still like to buy the product, head to Depop or Vinted. For any big fast fashion brand, the exact item that you are looking for will be listed for half the price. Second hand doesn’t always mean poor quality, as I have bought some of my most prized pieces from Depop.