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Buttercup Soft Triangle & High Waist Knicker-20.jpg

When thinking of sustainable underwear, the big cotton ‘Bridget Jones knickers’ comes to mind (which is completely fine if that’s your thing), however, you don’t often think that sexy and sustainable coincide. We have discovered the ultimate responsible lingerie brand that is also stylish and sexy. Meet Troo, founded by South African-born sisters Nic and Steff Fitzgerald, they are passionate about creating lingerie that is both fair and responsible yet still beautiful.

Chloe T-Bar & Frilly Knicker-6.jpg

“Being mindful of our impact on our beautiful planet is important to us. So, we believe in slow fashion.” 


The sisters collaborate with young like-minded designers to produce their elegant intimate wear. Megan Miller has been working closely with Nic and Steff to create their conscious collections. When creating sustainability is top of mind, sourcing threads from a company in South Africa that has a zero-waste policy, as well as utilizing solar energy and planting olive trees to help offset their CO2 emissions. Even the lace and other materials they use are offcuts from big designers, that would otherwise end up in landfill, meaning each item is a limited edition. Making purchasing one of their sets completely special and unique. 


To discover Troo lingerie visit