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Looking at these beautifully intricate pieces you wouldn’t think that they have been created from plastic. Jing Wang, Founder of Upcycle with Jing, cleverly creates her unique jewellery solely from recycled PET plastic bottles – which would otherwise end up in landfill.

FEB Issue 003  UPDATED -upcycle-jing.jpg

The designer who is based in Finland understands the importance of having a positive effect on the environment, which is why Jing opted for plastic as her material of choice. Influenced by nature, flowers, and earthly beauties, you can see each piece has been carefully created with these in mind.

They are truly unique accessories, from the jellyfish earrings to the jasmine hairband, each piece transforms you into a fairy-tail version of the natural world. Purchasing a piece from Upcycle with Jing allows you to be part of a movement that is dedicated to protecting this world – Of Course, as well owning a beautiful accessory.