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Photo courtesy VERDI.

Photo courtesy VERDI.

VERDI, the Colombia-based sustainable fashion brand behind some of the most luxurious handbags in the world, recently debuted a limited-edition VERDI PRIDE bag in honor of Pride Month.


The exclusive accessory is balanced by a seashell-weave design, accented with short strap hand-woven mochila in gold silver-plated copper threads, along with fuchsia, red, orange, rose, mint, emerald, blue, turquoise, and light blue organic silk threads. All proceeds from the capsule collection will be donated to the “Proyecto de la Casa Trans” organization, in hand with Red Comunitaria Trans.


While the PRIDE Bag is an eclectic departure from some of VERDI’s other handbags, the product still maintains an alignment to the company’s ethics and sustainability values—which even for a luxury brand, are notably impressive.


All of VERDI’s designs are made in-house through hand-made processes and other conscious techniques. VERDI uses natural fibers such as organic-worm silk, plantain fiber, and a number of other finely sourced materials to bring its textile-driven handbags and accessories to life.


In addition to VERDI’s sustainability commitments, the luxury designer also places a high stake in its social responsibility role. The company directly employs over 30 qualified individuals to piece together these textiles within a positive, ethical working environment. VERDI also supports over 19 families of farmers in Santander—the same place where the brand sources its primary fibers.

Photo courtesy VERDI.

Photo courtesy VERDI.

 Isabella Rodado, a fashion representative within VERDI, offered these sentiments on the significance of the brand’s newest collection, and its similarities to some of VERDI’s other beloved textiles:


“Today, sustainability and inclusion should be a given. Not precisely an additional ‘feature’ you’re allowed to feel proud of. Our hope is that someday, Colombian design will not only be recognized for its craft and uniqueness but also for its inclusivity and sustainability, for how every Colombian designer takes it one step further to really help out his or her community. This is one of the core values that VERDI wishes to represent and the ultimate goal it wishes to pursue. As a result of our ongoing commitment to these, VERDI has a limited-edition piece in a never before seen combination of color, metal, and silk and has paired with Red Comunitaria Trans to donate 100% of the proceeds of this capsule to their project for Proyecto de la Casa Trans.”


The VERDI story began in 1995 with Carlos Vera Dieppa—a textile designer and pioneer, whose innovative approaches to fashion in Latin America, inspired a new wave of technique and authenticity in accessory craftsmanship.


Dieppa, after connecting with a skilled coffee-sack weaver, went on to develop a unique technique which involved the intertwining of local and natural threads, broadening a pair of looms to weave unusual fiber-rugs.


Years later, following Dieppa’s passing, his children, Tomas and Cristina, chose to honor their father’s enduring legacy in Colombian fashion and global textile design through a renovated brand concept now known as VERDI—with the title acting as an intended ode to their father’s last name: “VER-a DI-eppa.”


Today, the company is a leader in sustainable, thoughtfully hand-crafted accessories and designs that are admired globally.


For more information on VERDI and the brand’s limited-edition PRIDE accessory, visit