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Iriomote Dress Indo (10).jpg

London based fashion brand VILDNIS have made it their mission to make sustainable fashion the norm, of course without compromising on style. They offer a range of effortlessly trendy pieces with a carefree and edgy twist. VILDNIS’ collections are proof that ethical and eco-friendly fashion can be created to look chic.

Vaadhoo_Blouse (14).jpg

Passionate about the planet and their workers in the supply chain, VILDNIS makes all its products in certified factories, being sure to pay their workers a living wage. All of their

fabrics are eco-friendly and include Tencel, organic cotton, recycled polyester made from plastic bottles, organic linen and recycled merino wool among others. Alongside being ethical and using sustainable fabrics, VILDNIS save water and energy by digitalizing their prints and by using new ground-breaking Italian technology. The team at VILDNIS have been using air to ‘wash’ their denim collection. VILDNIS is a brand that is truly pushing the industry tore-think its methods and showing ways in which other brands could be working.

Waimea T-shirt and Baikal Jeans (3).jpg