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Everyone can be the best version of themselves, even when we look at it from a fashion point of view. Fashion campaigns are so present and convincing that you need a certain lifestyle and dress according to the environment in which you find yourself.

Image courtesy of Pexels

When it comes to sustainability, it is common to see productive industries linked to nature care dealing with the subject with fear of the authorities, and not always out of real concern for the planet. The media reinforces this idea, multiplying the cultural concept that the important thing is to dress well, regardless of the rest.

Sustainability is the noblest concept involved in any place. The theme is about concern for your descendants and what kind of planet and culture you will share for them. It is true that we must seek the best version of ourselves so let it be innovating fashion trends from a sustainable point of view.

Image courtesy of Renner

Several countries have taken on the responsibility of producing clothes with recycled products, giving more credits to bazaars and educational campaigns on sustainability in fashion. In Brazil, for example, some popular brands such as Hering, Renner, Taco and many others, such as the giant Adidas, have been selling countless pieces made of recyclable material, gradually increasing their sustainable catalog and strengthening sustainable campaigns.

Image courtesy of Hering

Sustainable trends are completely at the centre of current fashion, since companies and brands in general have become aware of the importance of combating greenhouse gas emissions.

Thinking about wearing clothes that add value to your image while being careful to do so with sustainable pieces, demonstrates that you are more fashionable than the most current trend.