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Image courtesy of Saalt

Image courtesy of Saalt

The average woman uses 6,900 tampons in their lifetime. In 2017, the Marine conservation Society reported that single use period care products are among the most common items found washed up on beaches. From menstrual cups to multiple use period pants, reusable period care products rose to attention. 

Saalt was founded by Cherie Hoeger, a mother of five daughters, in 2018. She designed menstrual cups with the goal of normalising periods and creating a sustainable alternative. While a regular tampon requires changing every 4-8 hours, Saalt’s menstrual cups can last 12 hours without being changed. 

Cherie Hoeger - image courtesy of Saalt

Cherie Hoeger – image courtesy of Saalt

A major concern surrounding menstruation cups has always been leaking. Saalt offers menstrual cups that contain cultiple seal points to prevent leaking. On your light days, you can use the small cup, whereas the medium cup is perfect for heavier days. 

Saalt has three impact pillars: education and empowerment, menstrual health and sustainability. As a registered B-Corp, the company gives 2% of their profits to initiatives promoting period education and menstrual health. Almost 20,000 menstruation cups have been donated in an attempt to fight period poverty around the world. In Nepal, Saalt supports Her International and has provided 20 school girls with education and long term menstrual care products. 

From an environmental perspective, Saalt is proud to be the first plastic negative period care brand in the world. This is one step beyond plastic neutral, where the brand is taking away more plastic from the natural environment than they produce. The period care brand partnered with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii to fund 11,000 pounds of cleanup funded on Hawaii’s beaches. 

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