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Delicious new game on the scene of striking out artistic and rebellious aesthetics – Zydrune jewellery for brave souls is a Lithuanian found brand offering one-of-a-kind limited edition jewellery designs. Based and producing all jewellery pieces in London, in a local designer’s workshop, Zydrune jewellery designs advocate for ethically sourced gemstones, diamonds and precious metals. Local production of jewellery allows the designer to cut down on overproduction, carbon footprint and unethical work conditions. The designers recycle everything from metal dust to wax carving leftovers to then reuse them in a process of creating a new signature piece of jewellery. By offering a service of bespoke production for customers looking to create personalised pieces of jewellery, the designer encourages to reuse of old jewels or gems to remake them into new significant pieces.


Zydrune jewellery is for people who appreciate handmade beauty, like to be visible and noticed, and have a very exceptional chic taste. It is for people who want to express themselves in an authentic designer made product that is both elegant and modern. And, of course, for all those interested in a different ethical and sustainable jewellery creation. An item that lasts for decades rather than one single season. – Zydrune. To discover more visit,