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OCT Issue CF Mag UPDATE3-helena.jpg

London based Helena aged 27 first got involved with her activism work through the extinction rebellion; a global non-violent civil disobedience environmental movement with the aim of taking immediate action to address climate change and ecological emergency. Helena was working with the group from the beginning and had the responsibility to manage the international Instagram page addressing the issues the globe faces. Since then, Helena has taken up political activism with the Green Part of England and Wales. 

OCT Issue CF Mag UPDATE3-helena2.jpg

A vegan diet has played a large part in the conscious change of Helena’s lifestyle. It has forced her to question her consumption patterns and habits wisely. This then led Helena to look at her food waste, which is a huge global issue as food waste produces a large amount of harmful gases when thrown into a landfill. However, there are ways to reduce food waste which Helena has adopted into her lifestyle and her tips are: 

– Planning meals will lead to buying only what you need 

– Use all your food, even the skin of vegetables. For example, you can eat banana skins, cauliflower leaves, broccoli stems. We have been taught to throw our fruit and veg scraps away but if you look into it this it can be put to seriously good use. 

– Lobby your local council to collect food waste if they don’t already.