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SIZ (1).jpeg

Siz the brand was created by the dynamic duo Raquel and Sofia who are not only co-founders and best friends but twin sisters too! Growing up the sisters were clearly creatives and had a passion for design, which led them to start SIZ.

SIZ (3).jpeg

Raquel and Sofia understood that good design alone, was just not enough in this current climate and that collections needed to always have sustainability in mind.

Their collections aim to transport you to a special place, where you can reflect. Siz’s most recent collection “Beneath the Canopy” is inspired by Crown shyness, a natural phenomenon that occurs among trees and can be observed in tropical forests. It is a reminder that – even when apart – we all live under the same canopy.

SIZ (7).jpeg

Raquel and Sofia have cleverly designed their collections to not only be inspired by climate change and our current environment but to inspire their consumers to think harder about these issues – plastic overconsumption and its polluting effect on the ocean, and the glaciers melting as a result of global warming.

Each fabric chosen by the sisters have been carefully selected to meet their criteria – sustainable, organic cottons, linens, lotus or hemp. They also rescue as much deadstock as possible from Portuguese factories, that they can turn into clever creations. Preventing the “trash“ from going to landfills. Alongside sustainable fabric choices, Raquel and Sofia opt to use sustainable fastenings. Even their studio is a 5 minute walk from their seamstress, where all of their collections are consciously and thoughtfully constructed.

SIZ (4).jpeg