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We spoke with pro-aging advisor, author, and chef Tonia Buxton about her natural beauty hacks that are good for you and the environment. The London-based mum of four is constantly sharing her amazing pro-aging and wellness tips on her Instagram @toniabuxton. One of our favourites is to watch Tonia’s #ThoughtsFromTheIceBath, which you can watch most mornings on her stories. Tonia talks me through the benefits of ice baths and cold showers which seem to be endless. Some of the benefits are promoting fat loss, helping boost immunity, improves circulation, and helps with lymphatic drainage. 


What are your favourite natural beauty remedies?

“I love a salt or sugar scrub; I mix salt or sugar with almond oil and drop my favourite essential oil like geranium or rose together. Then scrub it all over my body, targeting any areas that have rough skin. Then shower it all off and it leaves you with the smoothest skin that smells divine. I also have a face mask that is an amazing radiance booster. Mix 1tsp ginger juice, 2tbs rosewater, and ½ tsp honey together and evenly apply to your face for 5 minutes. It will leave you glowing!”


What are your favourite beauty brands for pro-aging? 

“I love Studio 10 make-up and brushes. I also adore Jo Wood Organics body oils they smell so good & leave your skin looking amazing. But my all-time favourite has to be Skinesis by Sarah Chapman is undoubtedly THE BEST pro-aging skincare full stop. I love the Get Set & Glow edit, and her overnight facial oil is the best, you wake up with the most wonderful skin.”


 How closely are diet and skincare related?

“It is key to maintain a healthy diet, of course, treat yourself occasionally but to keep your skin happy you must eat well. So it really is important to have a good varied diet.”


 What are the best foods to eat for glowy skin? 

“The best foods for your skin are good fats like olive oil, avocados, & oily fish, lots of anti-oxidant foods like blueberries, kale, artichokes & 80% dark chocolate, great spices are turmeric, sumac & cinnamon.”


 What are your top 3 pro-aging tips? 

“Eat well & Exercise, if not every day at least 80% of the time. Then you can have 20% cheat & lazy days.”

“Wear SPF 50, even when it is cloudy outside, seriously, this will save your skin.”

“The most important pro-aging tip is to think yourself young. So many of us forget what we felt like when we were young, try to tap back into that feeling. Look for fun & laughter in your life, take the time to enjoy yourself & don’t let yourself turn into an old grump, because no matter how good you look, if you act like an old grump, then you are!”